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At Getster we are proud of being family-run just like most of our businesses & professionals on our Website/ App! We are here for the long run and to build our legacy up,

Our Founder & CEO Brad-lee Navruz has left this simple message –

I am very passionate about what we do here, We really strive on helping businesses & professionals fight back against the economy-killing virus!

Getster Services & Getster App is what we are and who we will be for as long as we can see into the future!

Getster found by all your customers & more with us!

Show off everything from services all the way to videos & photos!

Earn Reviews from jobs completed via our site & app!

Take bookings for your services within a few clicks for the customer!

Our app allows you to be logged in as a provider and get any updates on all your bookings and you can easily make any changes to your profile!

We don't charge any booking charges or hidden fees! Just a set low £5 monthly fee per business/ professional!

24/7 Award Winning Support! Right at your fingertips!

Our site has plenty of articles, support & guides to do with all things posted from professionals looking to help all over the world!

What we do best!

We really strive on making sure we do everything with high success! From an award-winning support team on hand 24/7. All the way to our new concept on ensuring all businesses & professionals, Getster trading and moving along with the economy as usual!

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Getster History

Getster some history on our Websites & Apps! We really love what we do and love to explain exactly how we got to it.


This was a really exciting year for us! We were on the verge of completion on the really complexed project that sees us where we are today! Getster Services & Getster App!
We had 1 goal and that was to ensure all businesses & professionals in the UK had 1 place they could be where their customers can view or talk to them easily and quickly about there services!

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Preliminary Tests

This is where we entered our testing phases of ensuring everything could cope with how we wanted it to. Also, this gave us a chance to add some shops to our Getster App Service and get some live user experience from businesses & customers!

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Live Getster App Launch

This is the time where we wanted our shops that joined to start acting more in a live manner with our app that enables customers to order from! We were the first aggregator company to release a system with our very own built drivers tracking app & also our very own way to turn our shop owners menus into there very own ordering apps as well!

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Covid-19 Push!

Unfortunately like most, we were really not ready for Covid-19! We were still live testing with a hand full of shops to ensure everything was how we and shops wanted it. Therefore we were pushed to start entertaining more shops onto our platform!

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Need for more!

After the COVID Push we now have over 100 different businesses using our website & app for there customers to easily order & get their items either collected or delivered to suit them! With this, we needed more staff and most importantly more resources!

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Real Live Release

This is now where we mean business and is the time we are writing this! Both our Getster App is ready fully & also now our Getster Services Web & App which you are using now as a customer or a business/ professional! This was the long term plan for all to be ready at once and now you can come to Getster knowing that you can always without a doubt Getster what you want & when you need it!

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It’s Secure, Its Reliable & Better yet we're all family!

At Getster we really have made it easy for your customers to simply load up our app, Search for what they need locally or even search for your business/ service directly and then simply view everything they need to like your services and prices! Better yet they can book & pay straight on our website or app!

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Our Loyal Partners

From some of our internals that keeps us running to payment gateways that really look after us and most importantly our users! We really feel like they deserve a little shout out from us!