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Owner & Manager of Nippy Chippy Stonehouse

I was always very sceptical about joining an Online Provider! I had Just Eat & FoodHub chasing me on a daily. Especially as coronavirus hit, I and my team knew we needed to make changes. 

We decided to shop around together as a team to see what would work for us, We needed something that was easy to use and edit everything on but also one that could be used via our till to save space for more gadgets in the shop which is what everyone was offering!

 I ran into the Owner & Founder of Getster App Via a Facebook Page and was impressed straight away!

I was offered exactly what I wanted! From contact, we knew this is what we needed.

Our online orders (75% of our orders now) come straight out of our ePos printer and we track orders & drivers via a small tablet next to it!

As we love our tills because we go in and change anything easily we wanted this to be similar to our online ordering provider as well! Brad-lee who came and set us up went the extra mile by adding our Getster Administration Area into our ePos as well! Which has really made it amazing as I can not only update my items, prices & view reports at home but also can get staff to do it via the till!

1 Month Later Review –

Now I’ve been using Getster for 1 month and honestly could not be any happier!

Not only are we reaping from the benefits of using there Website & App, But we also now have our very own App made by the guys & girls at Getster and simply put WOW!

We now have our own community area for all of our customers to join and know about anything we do! We have a loyalty point program and even send notifications to them on a daily basis!

All in all the App purchase was definitely worth it & the £500 set up for it seems nothing after just a week of running with my own branded app!

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